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We specialize in making advanced nanocomposites and coatings with record mechanical, optical and electrical properties.

The bottleneck of many technologies today is the challenge of finding materials with virtually “impossible” combinations of properties. Examples of products that require such materials include high capacity batteries, blast protection plates, wearable electronic devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, and health monitoring implants. We make such “impossible” materials possible using patented techniques for materials synthesis and design, and nanoscale components amenable for scale-up production, such as clay nanosheets, graphene, graphene oxide, silica, gold, and semiconductor nanoparticles.

latest news
latest newsLET THERE BE LIGHT – adding conductivity to reinforced Kevlar creates new functionalities.
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latest news3D Biomatrix LLC, our new spin-off company working on 3D cell cultures for drug discovery, has completed the second round of venture capital financing.
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latest newsUltrastrong materials from Nico Technologies have successfully passed high temperature tests for blast protection armor. The tests were carried out by MKP Technologies.
latest news The toughness and extensibility of graphene and graphene oxide composites developed by Nico Technologies, have tested out to be more than 27 times and 10 times greater than any other comparable composites.