Adding conductivity to reinforced Kevlar creates new functionalities.

Taking advantage of the versatility and multi-functionality attributes of the LBL process and LBL nanostructural materials, electrical conductivity has been introduced at remarkable levels to reinforced Kevlar fabrics made possible by a uniform coating of single wall carbon nanotubes dispersed in a special solution and applied using a proprietary "spray" LBL technique. All of the LBL reinforced Kevlar fabrics remain sufficiently flexible. This development demonstrates that even fabrics normally designated or known for their ballistic properties can also be used as electrically conductive platforms, thereby, expanding their potential applications to include supercapacitor, and sensor materials.

Anyaogu, K.C.; Kotov, N.A. Wonder Textiles for Trauma and Ballistic Resistance,
Nanomagazine 2010, 17, 12.

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